Cloves in Dental Health

Did you know that CLOVES are great for toothache?

Cloves have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anesthetic properties. So before giving up on your teeth and removing it when next you have an aching tooth try these;

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Pregnant Women and Black Seeds

Pregnant women should NOT use black seeds.

Black Seeds have a great benefit for anyone in any condition.

Some pregnant women have benefited from taking black seeds as it is known to boost immunity for both the mother and child. And when the baby is due it has also helped provide a quick and easier labour.



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Dates’ Benefits

Some dates benefits include;

• Dieting on dates leads to weight loss and a slim body because they are low in fat.

• Cures anaemia because of it’s high Iron contents.

• Provides immunity against cancer due because of it’s high magnesium content.

• It is a diuretic due to sugar content.

• Strengthens the bones, teeth and libido because of phosphorus and calcium content.

• Strengthens eyesight and maintains eye moisture because it contains Vitamin A which fights blindness.

• Good for the elderly because it strengthens the auditory nerves.